September 2021 - New Course

Mindful Well Being, in collaboration with Scottish Borders Well Being College. (Health in Mind). Begins Tuesday 28th September, 2pm- 4pm

A FREE, online, 8 week course: - step by step guidance on how to develop and practice Mindfulness to enhance your own wellbeing. This course is open to all in the Borders community - particularly those who may be experiencing a degree of stress, anxiety or isolation or related states at this time.

Bookings are now being taken for this free course, which will be held on Zoom. It is kindly funded by The UK Mindfulness Association's 'Everyone Project'. There are 10 available spaces.

Full details plus bookings:

You are welcome to discuss this before booking, by contacting Carol Carr, (details below),
Rachael Honeyman: E: [email protected]

October 2021 - New Course
Compassion Course - beginning online - on Wednesday 6th October, 2pm - 4pm (GMT)

8 week Compassion Based Living Course (CBLC).
This course is open to those who have completed the 8 week Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC), or who have reached a similar level of Mindfulness Training. It can also help anyone wishing to refresh their existing practice or who need to qualify for further mindfulness studies.

Cost £200 per person for entire course, - includes full course manual and guided audio practices.

"Compassion is at the heart of everything we do." Mindfulness Association

A progression from the MBLC, the CBLC invites you to take a deeper look at what compassion is and why we practice it. We examine our own experience of kindness and compassion- or perhaps perceived lack of it - and how this may affect us. We explore how it can feel to bring more kindness and compassion into our lives through carefully guided experiential meditation exercises, designed to open our awareness and deepen our understanding of ourselves as human beings for our own benefit - and for that of others too.

Previous partipicants have said:

"Please know Carol, that I am so appreciative that you allowed me to join with you and the others. You are really helping people with your calm and kind manner and knowledge." K.R.

"The course has made a huge different to my life overall, and will do to my future wellbeing. I can at last, now see light at the end of my tunnel.

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