Mindfulness on Mondays

Does your physical fitness receive a lot of attention? What about your mental fitness?

Perhaps you’ve never thought about it that way, but rather like physical fitness can enhance your life, so mental ‘fitness’, achieved through practising mindfulness can also substantially relieve your stress, help you to feel more relaxed, increase your self-awareness, your confidence and your sense of wellbeing too.

Weekly 1 hour evening sessions – open to all

Essentially, these weekly sessions are experiential, so that you naturally become more mindful over time. Guided mindfulness meditations follow a short talk. Togther these  will equip you to better understand and to handle the usual stresses and strains of daily life, in a way that will greatly benefit yourself – and those around you.

There are many other proven benefits to practising mindfulness.

Mindfulness improves your immune system, reduces the risk of developing cancer, heart disease and numerous infectious diseases, teaches you how to sooth the parts of your brain that produce stress hormones and improves your emotional intelligence. It also improves heart and circulatory health by reducing blood pressure and lowering the risk of hypertension.

Furthermore, mindfulness reduces addictive and self-destructive behaviour and is at least as good as drugs or counselling for the treatment of clinical-level depression. It often works very well as a complement to other forms of mental health support.

If you’d like to experience the positive effects of mindfulness for the first time, or build on any practice you may already have then do come along to these weekly sessions.

Cost per session: £8

Further details and booking here by emailing [email protected]

Need More Space in Your Life?

As autumn approaches, consider giving yourself a break from the constant chatter, the non-stop mental stress and worry that can so easily lead to overwhelm, by learning how to practise mindfulness in every day life.

Everyone can ‘do’ Mindfulness

With mindfulness training, we ‘start where we are.’ There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to be. When you first come to a mindfulness session, you might feel quite nervous and or worried that you won’t be able to ‘get it’.  Rest assured most people feel like this! You’ll discover that everyone can do Mindfulness. By doing guided mindfulness exercises and short mindfulness meditations, you will learn how to become more present in your life.  Spending too much time dwelling in the past or fantasising about the future frequently leads to the sorts of negative, destructive thoughts and behaviours that may not be serving you well.  This is very common and affects us all – the way we react to ourselves, to our families and friends and to others, and can have a profound effect on how we are able to live our lives. Mindfulness helps us to recognise this and when practised, enables us to respond more appropriately, with kindness, when life’s difficulties inevitably arise.

All welcome.

This course is funded by Scottish Charity Health in Mind. It is free of charge.

Live Joyfully! - an invitation

Enjoy first-hand, experiential mindfulness training to enhance your daily life and the lives of those around you too. This course is open to all – regardless of location.

This sounds simple – but of course it’s not easy.  Mindfulness is not a ‘quick fix’. It’s not about ‘getting rid’ of thoughts, feelings and emotions or about ‘chilling out’ – all common misperceptions. Practising mindfulness on a regular basis, can be challenging at times, and it takes a certain courage and motivation to engage, even with this foundational  training. But don’t be discouraged… The many positive effects of mindfulness, and the long-term benefits of practising it, have been clinically and scientifically proven for many years as now widely documented on many platforms. And yes – in time – practising mindfulness can indeed bring moments of deep joy and inner happiness!

It is normal in life, to find ourselves repeating negative thought or behaviour patterns that may not have served us well for many years. We may be aware of this, or we may have a vague idea that this is the case, and yet have never had the undertanding, the will, the resources or been able to create the conditions, to give these the attention they perhaps merit.  Sound familiar?

Practising specific mindfulness exercises including mindfulness meditation, enables us to experience how by approaching our ‘difficulties’ with kindness and compassion, we can learn to better support ourselves through the rough and the smooth – for our own benefit and that of others too.

This certificated Mindfulness course enables you to do this by increasing your self-awareness and equipping you with the training and the skills you may need to make better choices as your life unfolds.

8 x 2hr weekly sessions, including online meditation day retreat ( 2hrs – break – 2 hrs), and follow-up session. Course fee: £200

Geordie the dog playing in the sea


Feeling a bit confused? Lost? Anxious? Want to feel less worried and less stressed about what’s going on for you right now? Want to calm down a bit? De-stress? Or perhaps you feel you more direction?  Something that helps you feel more stable? More sorted?

You’re not alone. Loads of people feel like this a lot of the time, especially when faced with the millions of pressures and choices out there in the world – and on social media!  But, don’t worry because there is something you can do about it which will serve you well right now – and in the future.

Mindfulness helps us how to reconnect withourselves and to recognise that we do in fact have choices in our live, even if it doesn’t always feel like that. This helps us to make wise decisions, and act on them for our own benefit, when life might feel as if it’s spiraling out of control. It can also help us to get on better with our friends and families.

If you’re aged 16 plus then this is the course is for you. It has been specifically designed to help you cope with the sorts of early challenges and changes that most of us have to deal with as we grow up. You get to experience first hand, how mindfulness exercises and meditation helps you to support yourself, now and for the rest of your life, if you choose.

It’s a great course and you go away with a course manual, packed with useful information and exercises as well as audio versions of the exercises which you can download onto your devices and use at any time you feel like it.

This course is free.  It works best when you can make all of the sessions too.

It is kindly funded by The Everyone Project and supported by Cheviot Youth, based in the Scottish Borders.

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