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Mindfulness Based Living Courses (MLBC)

Everyone can ‘do’ mindfulness!  Once we’ve grasped a basic understanding of what mindfulness is, and learned a few simple skills and techniques, we can begin to experience its many benefits.

And as our awareness develops, we begin to see that we have more choice available to us that we perhaps previously thought. Mindfulness teaches us to become less reactive and  less demanding of ourselves. Sound familiar?  In becoming more open, curious and kind, towards what unfolds in our lives, thinking of it less as a relentless struggle, and instead, more of a series of unique processes, then we can learn to accept what comes up in our experience, while taking responsibility for making positive change.  If we can do this, we are well on the way to living more mindful and more contented lives.

Coming Up
August – new free course starting soon

MBLC for LGBT Plus  – 8 week Mindfulness Based Living Course

 Begins: Monday 16th August, Intro Session 1: 6.00pm – 8.00pm (GMT)

Contact: Carol Carr at E: [email protected] for full details and registration.

This course is being delivered online and is free of charge – no matter where you live. Kindly supported by LGBT Plus Dumfries and Galloway and the Metro Fund.


Specialist LGBT Plus support – enrich your life - in 2021

This Kind Space is committed to an ongoing and developing equality and diversity policy in relation to all those who register for our Mindfulness Courses or Sessions.

I offer a safe, welcoming, confidential environment for the LGBTQI Plus community, where  you can mindfully explore how you are meet and deal with some of  challenges that you may encounter.

It is my firm belief that as human beings, regardless of our sexual or gender identity, we all share basic survival needs, hopes and fears, along with a desire for happiness, joy and contentment in life. And why not?

Unfortunately there are still many in our culture who, for myriad reasons, remain plagued by fear and suspicion of those whom they choose to perceive or mistreat as ‘other’, actively or even passively expressing anger or aggression towards people who don’t appear to fit their own social ‘norm’.  While this may reveal their own insecurities and lack of awareness, unfortunately perhaps you, may have been on the receiving end of such behaviour? Maybe you’re suffering from related anxiety, fear, crippling self-esteem and related issues, making it very difficult, if not impossible to function healthily and reasonably happily in some sort of ordinary day-to-day life?

Partners, Parents and Siblings

Crucially I also extend this separate invitation to the husbands, wives, partners, parents, siblings and significant others in the lives of the above.

Drawing on my personal and professional experience I am acutely aware that when a person decides to come out and/or transition, it is not only that person themselves, who experiences massive change in their lives. Those immediately close to the person, are also greatly affected and yet to date, their needs, as valid as those of their loved-one, have been largely sidelined and in many cases underestimated.  Mindful awareness coupled with self-care and self-compassion is key to a person’s well-being if they are to come to terms with what can be a deeply confusing and de-stablising experience for all involved, especially  where no-one is to blame.

Mindfulness can teach us all how we can begin to pause for a moment, and to notice,  recognise, explore, understand and learn how to nurture our own needs with curiosity, kindness and compassion rather than with feelings of hostility, blame, self-hatred and fear.

As your awareness and self-acceptance develops, you may also find that your relationships with others – no matter who they are, are greatly enhanced.

August 2021

 LGBTQI Plus Community  new Free course

8-week Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC)

Begins: Mon 16th August: Intro Session:- 6pm -7pm (GMT)

Heart of flowers

Wellbeing Gift Vouchers

If you’d like to play a mindful role in supporting a friend or family member, have you ever considered a Mindfulness Session Gift Voucher? If you know someone whom you think might genuinely appreciate and gain something from experiencing a mindfulness course or session, then why not consider the following?

Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) gift voucher: £250.00

Mindfulness 90 mins – private, one-to-one session voucher: £50

Mindfulness 30 mins online taster session: £10

Other courses or sessions may be available by special arrangement. To discuss your personal requirements, please email Carol at [email protected]

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