Frequently Asked Questions

I believe that I differ from my fellow mindfulness practitioners only in that every one of us, including you, is a unique individual with something special to offer to other human beings – if we dare to look – to offer humanity.

My own specific challenges in life have informed and enriched my mindfulness practice for many years and I am dedicated to sharing the benefits that mindfulness can bring to fellow individuals who perhaps feel they need some life support.

I began studying and practising mindfulness in the mid 1980s. I began training to teach mindfulness in 2013.

I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness Studies with the University of Aberdeen.

In tandem with Aberdeen, I trained with the UK Mindfulness Association and through them, I am qualified to teach the Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC), the Compassion Based Living Course (CBLC) and the Mindfulness Based Living Course for Young Adults (MBLC-YA).

I am also a certified practitioner of Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness as taught by David Treleavan and hold a certificate in Embodiment Coaching as taught by Mark Walsh.

I’m a teacher, listed by the Mindfulness Association and by British Association of Mindfulness Approaches, (BAMBA), and as such adhere to the UK Guidelines for Mindfulness Practitioners. Prior to this, I enjoyed a rich career embracing drama teaching, the arts, farming, and literary event marketing.

I also spent nearly 20 years as a BBC producer, for a time, specialising in mental health and well-being programmes with the focus on caring for our communities.

As a UK Mindfulness Association accredited teacher, I adhere to the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers Good practice guidelines for teaching mindfulness-based courses (available on request).

The costs for courses varies depending on selection and requirements. See “Courses / Sessions” for more detail.

Please contact me directly to book, register and pay for your course or session.

Yes. Please contact me directly to arrange this.

I am based in the South of Scotland in the Scottish Borders. Due to Covid 19 I am currently running my courses online but can accommodate one-to-one sessions either online or in person if required. Contact me for further information.

Yes. In the past, I have enjoyed training various groups of people in a professional context, and I would be very happy to discuss your requirements within the context of mindfulness training.

Yes – it’s very important from the start, that all who come to my sessions understand that mindfulness is not meant to be a ‘quick fix.’

People sometimes approach mindfulness with an expectation of ‘being healed’ by the mindfulness facilitator. This is not the case. What the facilitator does, albeit supportively, is to teach techniques and specific mindfulness practices that enable the student to experience how they themselves can begin to take control of their lives.

Through this unfolding process, they can recognise and understand the very common negative behaviour patterns and the obstacles they perceive they have in their lives.  It is often said in ‘mindfulness circles’,  “The Seeing is the Doing”.  And this indeed, very simply describes the enriching process that can unfold for those who choose to begin their own mindful journey.

Everyone suffers to some degree in life – sadly some much more than others. The tragedy is that so much of this ‘suffering’ is completely unnecessary – or at least we can learn how to avoid it by cultivating a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. For many years, now training in and practicing mindfulness has enriched my own life in positive ways I could never have imagined. It is my deepest wish to share many of the techniques, insights and the outstanding benefits I’ve been privileged to enjoy in my life, with those of you who may be feeling challenged by your own current experience for myriad reasons. I invite you to step onboard!

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